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WANTED: Bachelors degree, see details. (lol)
Has anyone tried this company? HERC = They have a free version of their services. 

They are supposed to help individuals determine what schools will accept the majority of their credits. My understanding is that they started initially working with veterans to help them understand how their  training transfers to college credit, but now they work with all types of folks. 


Tricia Seymour
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scout2family Wrote:
bjcheung77 Wrote:If you're thinking Athabasca University, you need to think again, they don't take alternative credit.  I would follow Natshar's recommendations.  Your best bet is the TESU BS Tech Studies or the BALS, quickly apply to them and you should send in your transcripts to see which degree is closest to completion.  I don't suggest anything other than the TESU BS Tech Studies for your courses as the other BS's require specific courses, the Tech Studies will many times take in Lower Level and place them in the required Upper Level field - with the amount of AVI and ELT courses, you may already have the Area of Study completed.

 So to clarify-- TESU sometimes takes LL's and applies them to UL slots? Does that mean req'd amount of ULs for the Tech Studies degree varies case by case?

TESU BS Tech Studies is a special degree, it seems to allow service people (Army/Marines/Navy, etc) who took their courses and added them to their JST or CCAF transcript, get credit for UL requirements using those courses, the majority of the time, those courses are in some type of Technical Study. For UL college/univ courses or ACE/NCCRS, they will need to come in at an UL recommendation before TESU places it in the UL requirements field.
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