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Walden MBAs Discussion & Accountability
(03-01-2019, 08:49 PM)eriehiker Wrote: You CAN get the grad cert for free.  You just have to enroll in the grad cert right from the start.  If you start in the masters program and switch to the cert you have to pay for a second term because it is a program change.  I highly recommend going for the free grad. certs.

I believe you can only get these two certs. The others are not Tempo Learning and don't have the free term offer.

Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Administration, Management, and Leadership
Graduate Certificate in Applied Project Management

The poster was interested in a different grad cert.
Working on TESU BA CompSci + English? Graduate in 2020?
First Masters complete. Working on second Masters.
TESU BSBA (with ASNSM) in March 2018.
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I know someone here, who I have a ton of respect for, dropped out of the program. Given the person's educational track record with various programs/schools, I would love to know that person's thoughts/opinions of Walden & what lead to the drop-out. I think, at least from a graduate school level, it would give more insight about what needs to be changed in the program.
MBA, Walden University (In progress)
2016 TESU, BA-LIBST, Emphases in Multimedia Comm./Human & Social Services
TESU TECEPS: Abnormal Psych PSY-350, Psych of Women PSY-270, Sales Mgmnt MAR-322, Advertising MAR-323, Marketing COM-210; Capstone w/ Ciacco
Other Sources: CLEP, Art Portfolio, 3 Comm. Colleges, 2 Art Colleges,  FEMA, AICPCU Ethics
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(02-27-2019, 12:45 PM)SweetSecret Wrote:
(02-27-2019, 11:47 AM)elbebopkid Wrote: I'm in for the March 4 start date with the free term. At this point in time, I don't intend on paying Walden any money. I just want to see how many credits I can earn within the free term and have them parked on a transcript in case they come in handy for something. Maybe transferring in somewhere. Or, if I make significant progress enough to complete it in two terms... who knows. I might drop the money and scoop up that MBA.

How should I attack this thing?

If your undergrad is not in business, but you want to make the most use of your time, I would suggest not reading all of the "Business Essentials" stuff and just take the exams instead. You can take the exams as many times as you need to, and if you get the answer wrong they will tell you where to look to find the right answer. I literally wasted weeks on Business Essentials that could have been used somewhere else.

Also, I would avoid taking IG003 & IG004 (same professor) the first term. The professor on that course is pretty hard-core and people have dropped out of the program or been forced to switch into the traditional program because of her. Build up your confidence and get all the free credits you can elsewhere first. I passed IG003, on my first attempt but was not thrilled with the outcome. A lot of other students have their problems in that competency. I had the most problems with her in IG004. There are a few things I would suggest when you do take it. First, break up each rubric point in the writing by the sub-competency within each sub-competency i.e. 2.1, 2.3, 2.4 etc. Second, quantify your business problem with a number i.e. decrease XYZ by 50%. Third, she wants the Mind Map to have problems only without any solutions and preferably in color with graphics and non-straight lines so it feels more lively/dynamic. Unfortunately, she has both of the higher credit competencies for WMBA 6020, which means you will be lucky to get anything over a "B" in the class when all is said and done. I managed an "A" just barely but didn't make a 4.0 on the GPA because she grades both the heavy weighted competencies.

I started IG003 just so I could get an assigned professor and see if it's the notorious one you referred to. Do you mind telling me, what were the professor's initials? And that'll pretty much tell me whether I've got the same one. The advisor told me I could pause a competency and open a different one if I was at the limit of 3, got stuck, and wanted to make progress in a different area. So that's handy. If I'm trying to rack up credits and not necessarily get the degree, I may work around her if it's that bad.
(03-02-2019, 12:59 PM)SweetSecret Wrote: I know someone here, who I have a ton of respect for, dropped out of the program. Given the person's educational track record with various programs/schools, I would love to know that person's thoughts/opinions of Walden & what lead to the drop-out. I think, at least from a graduate school level, it would give more insight about what needs to be changed in the program.

You know what? I'm tapping out too. Not just this second. But the material is just so ODIOUSLY boring and the assessment assignments and rubric just so abysmally micro-specific and detailed that there is absolutely no way I'm going to see this through to any kind of conclusion.

Even if you could complete an MBA in two terms at very low cost.... for my purposes, I'm not sure a for-profit Walden MBA with the school's very poor reputation and bad PR baggage would do anything but hurt my resume, to be honest. 

And even if completing the whole thing was doable in a single term for free, I'm not willing to put this much work into something that has very little real-world value. If I needed it as a box-checker for promotion/raise at my existing job.... MAYBE. That's not to disparage anyone else who has a Walden degree. If it helps get you where you're going, I salute you. But I can just foresee this program will not get me personally much of anywhere. So not only is it not worth the money. I don't feel it's worth my time/work. 

I'm going to peck away at passing a few more courses, print out a transcript to impress my boss, and maybe bank up a handful of credits that might transfer into say.... I dunno a Perdue Global MBA if I wanted to pick it back up and persue a better-branded MBA (with Perdue alumni association!) down the road. But I'm not going to spend a heck of a whole lot of time on this. If I get a Master's, it's going to be in something interesting and engaging. 

As far as what needs to be changed in the program, if you want, I can copy/paste some rubric info and assessment instructions. There are only three courses in the entire program in which the assessment is an exam. The rest range from short-answer assessments (that aren't actually short at all) to big multi-part complex projects, and long boring detailed papers examining say ....ten points of leadership for each of three given fictional scenario and detailed recommendations on best-practices to improve idea nurturing within an organization (For each fictional organization.)  Each such assessment nets you .25, .5, .75 or one credit. 

Essentially you have to put together 41 or so assessments like that.  Degree hacking my BSBA got me really spoiled on grinding through a course with quizzes, a final, and sometimes also a paper, and you could easily pass even if you mildly bomb any one of the three elements. This MBA program is such a CRAWL and a dull drag by comparison. It's just not for me. I'd rather write English papers at Harvard Extension for an ALM.

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