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Where to start?
Hi. Smile

I have no credits ... at least none I can think of. My high school transcript has an error on it so I have to fix that too. Sad

I want to get started on earning some credits for my education . My intent is to get a masters in acupuncture.

The school allows for 30 credits not in a school ... the school only requires an associate degree in any subject. So I can do half with test.

Their options are : College Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Examination Programs (CLEP), American College Testing Proficiency Program (ACT/PEP)

I think I'm too old for AP and for ACT so those are out...

Would Saylor classes classify to build my degree or should I avoid those completely and just focus on CLEP?

My intent was to do the science courses
right away to get them out of the way.

What do you'll think?

I'm trying to finish my AS like within a year or so ... so the more classes I can test out of the better. And I need to save money too... Smile

These are the two school I'll be applying to;
ACCHS MSTCM Program Entrance Requirements
Educational Requirements - Five Branches University | Five Branches University
Start diving in the Wiki and looking at degree plans to get an idea of what has worked for people. Also, check out Free-Clep-Prep to get an idea on how to get some credits. I would suggest an easy CLEP like Analyzing and Interpreting Literature or College Comp. Saylor Chem and Bio courses are nicely priced and do have the options of labs. Keep in mind, you need to talk to the academic advisor and your school and make sure that all courses transfer BEFORE you start spending money and time. One thing you can do is start grooming your study habits and test-taking skills. Check out Khan Academy and other free resources to start brushing up on subjects and start preparing for the academic world.
You could also do DSST, UExcel, or TECEP testing.

MHA - Walden University - Started 12/3/18 - Plan to finish in two terms Idea  I think I can, I think I can...
BS Liberal Arts - Depths in Healthcare and Psychology, Excelsior College 2014
AS Licensed Vocational Nursing, Mesa College 1989
Certificate Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN), Mesa College 1977

And, a MBA after the MHA, thenwhen I'm 70 years old, I will finish my RN, just to say I did it!
Thank you both for your advice.

I've looked over the wiki before but it's been awhile.

Last time it didn't help much since my degree choices aren't the normal ones and don't fit into those plans. Sad
All, without a school name being provided, we don't know what sources of credit are acceptable. Five Branches University accepts CLEP and possibly DSST although they didn't specifically state DSST - they stated USAFI. UEXCEL, TECEP, Saylor and Straighterline were not mentioned. Educational Requirements - Five Branches University | Five Branches University It's possible to interpret the page as allowing CLEP for general education courses but not natural science courses such as biology and chemistry. Maybe they want the labs. They said online is okay.

The biology ans chemistry exams are very difficult. If you haven't taken college level chemistry, it is very unlikely you will pass the CLEP chemistry exam.
63 CLEP Sociology
75 CLEP U.S. History II
63 CLEP College Algebra
70 CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
68 DSST Technical Writing
72 CLEP U.S. History I
77 CLEP College Mathematics
470 DSST Statistics
53 CLEP College Composition
73 CLEP Biology
54 CLEP Chemistry
77 CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications
I really appreciate all that advice. And the link that I hadn't been able to find for awhile!

I do feel that I won't pass those science tests so I'll be taking the courses directly instead.

I just passed my CA real estate exam so I'm prepped with good study and testing habits which is awesome. But there are still many many steps to take before I actually have the license in hand.

I'm working on editing my career plan today because I've finally chosen a degree, and know what classes I can and can't take and know where I want to go next.

I'm currently enrolled in the eng comp classes on Saylor ; should finish those in two weeks or so . Once I write out the plan I'll be able to plan for the test and the exams.

FINALLY.. my plan is in action!

Thanks for all the help.

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