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Earning a degree entirely through military training, is it possible?
I'm currently thinking about joining the Army as either a medic or dental specialist as my MOS. I currently have an associated of science degree in health science. I am 26 and want to get either a Dental Hygienist degree or RN. I just don't want to get out of the Army in say 4-8 years and have to go back to school another 2 years to complete my degree. I really don't want to be back in school in my late 30's......!!!Since (from everything that I've read above) I will not be able to further my education with just Army training, how would I find out before I joined about what credits will transfer and what schools will accept them???

Join as a Dental Specialist, as a Medic you'll most likely end up in a combat arms unit (Infantry, Cav.. etc) doing exactly what they are doing. Don't get me wrong I'm in the INF, but our medics are always with us and they do all the Infantry type training... plus they do the medic stuff. I know several Army dental specialist (they run the staff) that have been serving for almost 20 years and will be retiring soon, they've deployed overseas but overall their years of service have been stress free.
I would recommend that you join as a Dental Specialist and continue your studies during your service, hell I would even tell you to consider retiring with 20 years of service... you'll still be young (46-47 years old). Good luck... hope this helps. Also, you can start as Dental and change MOS while in service.

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