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First-time SDC user
OK folks, first-time user here. I just have to rant a bit. As a heavy Straighterline user, I find quite confusing and hard to navigate. Their explanation of what is graded and what is not is not very helpful. I cannot find anywhere to see what my grade is so far. Is there a way to do that? I'm used to being able to see it on SL. 

I'm studying History of the Vietnam War, since that has been said to be the easiest course, and following that up with Principles of Finance (NOT looking forward to that). I am not watching the videos, just reading the transcript. 

Any helpful thoughts, tips, or tricks?
I understand where you're coming from. (All those quizzes, driving me crazy. SL is much more to the point, 5 tests, 1 final, done.)

Grading policy is in the Syllabus tab within the course. There it says possible points for each part. And you'll need at least 70% overall.
You can see your progress when you click on Overview, here you see how many more quizzes, assignments and final exams you still need to finish. When you have 100% quiz progress, you will see a message like " With this quiz grade, you will need to earn at least 55% on the proctored exam and course assignments combined to pass this course. " (Or less if there is no assignment(s)).

Your History of the Vietnam War course has just quizzes and the proctored final. Total 300 points, quizzes 100, final 200. You need 70% = 210/300. So let's say you aced all the quizzes (which is possible), now you need 110/200 points of your final (55%).

Principles of Finance has the same grading policy.

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