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Overpaid Jobs
(10-24-2018, 06:57 PM)burbuja0512 Wrote: I'm in sales and it's VERY frequently considered as overpaid, but I'm writing this as I sit in a hotel in Central America, thousands of miles away from my family, missing my daughter's report card today and I'll miss her birthday next week.  I'll even miss Halloween.

Yes I have perks like eating at some of the nicest restaurants in the world, but just like golfing with clients, those aren't usually "fun."  I'm paid to be the face of the company, and to manage people that are the face of the company, so it's always on.   I work 16 hour days on the road and every flight I've taken in the past two weeks has been at 6am or earlier.

Don't get me wrong, I love international sales, but the travel for sure will end up taking at least 10 years off of my life.   Not to mention looking like a terrible mother since my type of job is usually reserved for the father.  

I would look at the golfing and spending company money not with jealousy, but pity in a way because sincerely, most people would be thankful not to have to entertain clients.  I'm just one of the weird ones that enjoys it.  Money or not.

I hear you on that. I just, this morning, got to cancel a trip to Germany. I had plans to extend it into a weekend holiday since I was there anyway, but I'd much rather be at home with my family.
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