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Requirements for BA CompSci COMPLETE
Yea. I’m toying with a dbl major BSBA Accounting / Computer Information Systems.

If I finish the accounting I will satisfy CIS by default.

I also have my eye on Eastern U MSDS.

Idk. My eyes may be bigger than my appetite. Huh
@Pats20, you should focus on the Eastern MSDS or an alternative Master degree program. When you're about done with that program, decide if a BSBA Accounting/CIS is needed or if you can take the MBA by taking prerequisite courses and getting conditional acceptance at that MBA program of choice.
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Yes BJ I agree. The thing is I will prolly apply for august start on MSDS because I have a couple weeks vacation coming this summer and I don’t want to be cranking out mandatory time frame assignments and tests during those two weeks. So I figured between now and then I could work on the BSBA on my own terms until then and see how far I get. Idk. It’s Dick or Dan cause I have another vacation scheduled in October so I will have to deal with it either way.

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