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Discrete Mathematics
Hi. I have to fullfill Discrete Mathematics requirement at Excelsior College. Does anyone know if there is a way to test out of it such as with CLEP, or DSST to obtain credit?
The only test I'm aware of is the gigantic GRE computer Science test (which I believe used to be available three times a year). But that's hardly efficient, unless you're very familiar with a lot of the subjects on the exam. Excelsior will give incremental credits relative to the score on the exam (I believe it can go up to 30 credits).

I'm sorry I cannot find the table that showed subjects awarded relative to scoring. but I'm pretty sure Discrete Mathematics was one that was achieved with a score on lower end of the accepted score range.

Still this exam is overkill. I've run a quick search on ACE and the only thing that came up was an ACT class, not what you're looking for I suppose.
Excelsior BSB - MIS concentration (119 credits in the bank)
another possiblity for Excelsior is the Game Institute Game Mathematics which is supooselly more interesting and rather low cost. ($250)
I'll look into both thanks!Smile

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