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derek12538 Wrote:I am smack dab in the middle of this dilemma right now. I have applied and been conditionally accepted to both and now it is just a question of making a decision and jumping in. The only reason that I even considered Patten is because my TESC capstone will not be finished until the end of September and this may push my start date until Nov. 1st at WGU. With Patten, I can do the pre-req's this summer while I am doing my TESC capstone, and there is even some rumors floating around (which my Patten adviser could not confirm nor deny) that Patten will transfer in Org Behavior from straighterline as a grad class, leaving 11 classes to complete. If Patten offers the reduced tuition this fall, with the other factors I just listed... Patten it is. If WGU relaxes a bit and lets me begin on October 1st (even after just completing my capstone on sept. 27), then WGU it is.
Profit vs. Non-Profit matters very little in my line of work (hospitality/hotel management), as it is really about learning applicable material and getting the qualification on the resume. RA is important to me simply because I may want to go further in my education and I feel it would be better in that regard.
The internal debate continues...

According to SL's website, Org Behavior transfers to Patten as Organizational Business. Patten University Course Equivalency Guide | StraighterLine I'm looking at Finance or Strategic Management, both require the course "Leadership and Organizational Behavior"
Patten MBA Finance

TESC ASBA, BSBA General Management, Arnold Fletcher Award
10/31/14=24 credits
11/30/14=47 credits
12/31/14=12 credits
01/31/15= 15 credits
02/13/15= DONE!!!
ALEKS: Intro Statistics, Int. Algebra, College Algebra, PreCalc
CLEP: A&I Lit, College Comp, Marketing, Management, Macroeconomics
DSST: Supervision
STRAIGHTERLINE: Intro to Business, Accounting 1 & 2, Ethics & Business Professional, Organizational Management, Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting, Environmental Science, Microeconomics, Anthropology, Business Law, Religion
TECEP: Strategic Management, Advertising, Marketing Communications, Business in Society, Public Relations,Psychology of Women, Technical Writing, CIS
I have an email from my advisor, who has since left the company, stating that Org Beh will transfer for the MBA in Healthcare.

MS - Management and Leadership, WGU will finish by October 1st (fingers crossed)
BS - Liberal Arts - Depths in Healthcare and Psychology, Excelsior College 2014
Certificate - Workers Comp Admin, UC Davis Extension, 1995
AS - Licensed Vocational Nursing and Selected Studies, Mesa College 1989
Certificate - Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN), Mesa College 1977

Also, I will do the JD at Northwestern California University School of Law ( for personal reasons.   And maybe a MS in Forensic Psychology, just for fun.   Oh, and a BS in Animal Behavior.  And, maybe when I'm 85 a PhD in something fun.

I am under the impression that neither of the two universities are friendly with military TA? (patten not accepting it at all) and (WGU only allowing you to do 8 CU a semester) Is there any ways around this
CCAF Air & Space Operations Technology- COMPLETE
TESC AS - General Managment-COMPLETE
TESC BSBA Computer Information Systems-COMPLETE
gingerbeefE Wrote:I am under the impression that neither of the two universities are friendly with military TA? (patten not accepting it at all) and (WGU only allowing you to do 8 CU a semester) Is there any ways around this
Patten U does not accept financial aid or military TA at all, but they do give active duty military personnel a 20 percent discount off the tuition.
• Master of Science in Nursing - Eastern New Mexico University (in progress)
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Western Governors University (3/2015)
• Associate of Science in Nursing - Platt College (3/2010)
• Diploma of Vocational Nursing - Casa Loma College (10/2005)
• Professional licensure: LPN/LVN (1/2006); RN (5/2010)
• 16 brick & mortar credits from Oxnard College (2000 to 2001)
• 38 brick & mortar credits from Tarrant County College (2006 to 2008)

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